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Municipal Budget Institution of Culture " Syktyvdin Museum Association"

Municipal budget institution of Culture " Syktyvdin Museum Association "(Museums of Syktyvdin ), established at the end of December 2006, includes 3 branches:

The first museum in Syktyvdin district was opened in 1986 in the village of Yb as a museum on a voluntary basis. The founder of the museum was Alexandra Alexandrovna Kuratova (1925-2006), a native of the village of Yb, a local historian, a former teacher of the Yb secondary school. In 1992, the museum received the status of a state museum. Since 1997, the museum has been housed in the former village school, built in 1892. Since 2006, it has been a branch of the Syktyvdin Museum Association.

On July 15, 1999, the Museum of History and Culture of the Syktyvdin district was opened in the building of the former primary school of the village of Vylgort. The founder of the museum is an Honored Worker of the Republic of Komi, an Honorary citizen of the Republic of Komi.Vylgort and Syktyvdin district Emilia Alekseevna Nalimova (1937-2019). In June 2017, the Museum of History and Culture of the Syktyvdin district was named after its founder Emilia Alekseevna Nalimova. The first director of the museum was Valentina Valentinovna Cheredova (1999-2001). The building, now an architectural monument, an object of cultural heritage of regional significance, was built in 1913 by the first Komi professional architect A.V. Kholopov. The facade of the building and the porch are richly decorated – such decorative forms in the early twentieth century were characteristic of the national romantic style in Russian architecture, which was called "cock style".

In 2004, the house-museum famous composer, scientist, collector of Komi musical instruments of Prometheus Ionovich Chistalev (1921-1988) was opened in the village of Nyuvchim. In 2010, the house museum closed, and in 2019 it reopened its doors. Since 2020, it is a branch of the institution.

From 2016 to the present, the director is Vladimir Muravyov


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