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Belgorod state literary museum


Belgorod Oblast
38 Preobrazhenskaya str., Belgorod, Belgorod region
Phones: +7 (4722) 27-64-23
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One of the most original museums in Belgorod.A chamber setting, an organic combination of modern and well-established exhibition forms.
A cozy courtyard, enthusiastic staff and temporary exhibitions from the best museums in Russia.


The museum's collection includes documents, photographs, manuscripts, personal belongings, letters and books of Belgorod writers and figures of science and culture; rare editions of books, art postcards, theater posters, household items and other materials on the history of culture of the region.
The pride of the museum collection is the memorabilia of I. V. Vladislavlev (Gulbinsky) - bibliographer, writer, publicist; personal funds of N. D. Anoshchenko-aviator and cinematographer; members of the Union of Writers of the USSR V. S. Bukhanov, M. M. Obukhov, V. S. Zhukovsky, N. G. Ovcharova, N. S. Krasnov.
The book "Conversations on the Acts of the Apostles" (1768) is a vivid example of printing in the second half of the XVIII century and contains the works of the church fathers — "Interpretation on the Acts of the Holy Apostles" by John Chrysostom and "Interpretation on the Apocalypse" by Andrew of Caesarea. The texts of the "Interpretations" are accompanied by woodcuts.


The Belgorod State Literary Museum occupies one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. This is a monument of architecture of the XIX century, the only surviving example of a residential building of a city estate of the classicism era in the city of Belgorod.
The exact date of construction of the house is unknown, as well as the names of the customer and the architect. It is known that the last owners of the house were the merchant family Selivanov. Therefore, in the city, the name "Merchant Selivanov's House" was assigned to the house.
The house was the center of a large estate that occupied an entire block. Adjacent to the house was a regular-plan park with two wide and several narrow alleys. The estate had outbuildings and outbuildings: barns, stone sheds, stables. Under the main house there was a basement connected by a passage to the wine cellars, which were also located on the estate.

Interesting Facts

The museum has a club "Poetic Environment", meetings of the "Society of Lovers of Fine Literature and Music", among the regular participants of which are writers, singers, composers, artists, journalists.

The museum organizes festive events and birthdays for children, offers an interesting weekend in the museum with the whole family, independently making a fascinating tour with the help of a guide with creative tasks.

In the cozy courtyard and in the interiors of the rooms of the "House of Merchant Selivanov" you can capture yourself and your family on special days of your life.