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The Museum of Political History of Russia

The Museum of Political History of Russia is situated in the historical centre of Saint-Petersburg and give an account of violent and tragic events of the past, of revolutions and wars which changed the destiny of Russia. The Museum's buildings, Kshesinskaya and Brandt’s mansions, belong to the most remarkable achievements of St. Petersburg architecture in the period of Art Nouveau. The central exposition “Man and Power in Russia in the 19th – 21st Centuries” deals with relations of a man and a government at crucial points of Russian history. Characters of the "The Soviet Epoch - between Utopia and Reality" exposition are the Communist Party leaders and common people, NKVD and KGB officers and GULAG prisoners, dissidents and representatives of Soviet underground. “Russian Revolution 1917-1922” exposition is dedicated to the revolution that drastically changed the course of Russian history for almost seven decades and had major impact on global history of the 20th century. Visitors also can see here reconstructed Vladimir Lenin’s working room with a historical balcony where Lenin made speeches in 1917.