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Top 10 museums in Russia for children

Many tourists traveling with children are afraid to visit museums. What if the kids don’t like wandering through historic halls, looking at pictures and trying to get to grips with unfamiliar history? This can turn a stroll into a torture session. However, there are museums that are very fond of children, and visiting them will be a real adventure that is sure to remember for years to come. “Museum InfoCenter” offers top children’s museums all over Russia, which must be visited with a child.

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The Museum of Peter’s Ships
59, ul. Svobody, Voronezh, Voronezh Region
The desire of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great to have his own fleet was so strong that shipyards were laid all over the country, including on the banks of the Voronezh River, a left-bank tributary of the Don. In one of the “birthplaces of the Russian fleet”, the Peter’s Ships Museum was recently opened, based on the glorious pages of the history of the Russian state. Artefacts and objects from those times, historical maps, models and samples of weapons, and most importantly – models of ships from Peter the Great’s time built in Voronezh shipyards feature here. The main reason for visiting this Museum with children is its interactive children’s hall, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the period of Peter’s I Azov campaign. Furthermore, your children will have a chance to complete a fascinating quest called “The Secret of Peter's Ships” by answering riddles and questions.
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The Museum of the World Ocean
1, Petra Velikogo Emb., Kaliningrad
The Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad stands out not only for its appearance with an entire planet at its base. It is the first integrated maritime museum in Russia that covers all kinds of topics. Its different sections are devoted to navigation, marine flora and fauna, geology and hydrology of the World Oceans, as well as a marine library and a functioning ecological station. Why should you visit with children? Because there is a diverse children’s program. In just two hours spent in the Museum, you can hear amazing stories about sea travel, and discover the secrets of the underwater world. Together with the brave captain Wrongel, you can become a member of the legendary “Misfortune” ship crew and voyage around the world. By the end of this adventure, your children will have learnt to understand the rigging of a sailing ship, tie sea knots, studied naval traditions and will be acquainted with the mysterious inhabitants of the deep sea.
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Gatchina Palace
1, Krasnoarmeysky pr., Gatchina, Leningrad Region
Gatchina Palace, located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, is a beautiful example of classical architecture and the home of Emperor Paul I. Children are likely to quickly get tired of a simple list of historical facts, and will not be able to focus on the guide’s story. Therefore, the experimental program of the museum will help you make an independent game journey around the Palace. Together with your child, you will find in the “museum chest” a scenario for moving through the halls of the Palace, game props, and materials for creativity. The chest itself can serve as a light portable seat or a table when the child needs to draw something in the exhibition or just relax on the way. Turn sightseeing into an exciting game that children will love.
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Russian Railway Museum
4/2-1, Bibliotechny per., St. Petersburg
One of the most popular museums in St. Petersburg is the modernized Russian Railway Museum. During the excursion route, children can not only get acquainted with the rich exhibits of railway equipment, but also get inside some of them; thanks to an interactive installation, they can learn about the life of railway workers or even try out their skills as a locomotive driver. In the children’s center, they can play on a toy railway. The Museum has developed special programs for different age groups, from 3 to 14 years.
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Museum of Nature and Man
11, ul. Mira, Khanty-Mansiysk, Yugra
The Museum of Nature and Man in Khanty-Mansiysk is a unique collection of exhibits within a modern exhibition space. Every year, the Museum tries to attract as many visitors as possible, and creates various programs. The territory of the Museum is divided into several themed zones: historical time, mythological time, and the rhythm of the biosphere. Each area has its own unique surroundings and design, and the rooms are equipped with modern appliances. The composition of each exhibit is carefully thought out – colors, light, and location of the objects – it seems that you are not in a museum, but at an exhibition of works by a famous sculptor or artist. This exhibition will also appeal to children, as the bright and colorful presentation of the exhibits is sure to delight anyone.
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Newton Park
1, pl. Mira, Krasnoyarsk
A real interactive museum dedicated to science! Here, your child can interact with all the exhibits, which they are sure to love, so for one trip you need to visit two exhibitions at once: one on physics, and the second on anatomy. Master classes, themed excursions, interactive shows, and sweet prizes are available. No wonder they even celebrate birthdays here. Show your child the wonderful world of science – it could change his or her life in the future.
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The Russian National Museum of Music
4, ul. Fadeeva, Moscow
Do your children like music? Then be sure to take them to the unique Russian National Museum of Music. You can choose from a huge variety of children's programs where your children will learn about myths and legends regarding musical instruments, immerse themselves in the world of Tchaikovsky, solve the riddles of the mouse king or the Nutcracker, follow the footsteps of the dog Bulka, or help the boy Peter defeat the wolf in a musical interactive fairy tale.
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Lollipop History Museum
14-2, ul. Sobornaya, Ryazan, Ryzan Region
The famous “сockerel lollipop” on a stick can be safely called one of the unofficial symbols of Russia. In the home of sugar candy in Ryazan you will be told all about the history of this popular sweet, and where sugar comes from more generally, as well as how sugar production began. The story is fascinating and is accompanied by pictures, and the whole narration will take place in atmospheric scenery. So, you and your children will know exactly what was used to make candy in the old days. And what tour is complete without tasting? You will definitely taste the famous “cockerel lollipop” made according to an old Russian recipe.
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“Kalachnaya” Museum
5, ul. Lazhechnikova, Kolomna, Moscow Region
Another Russian delicacy is Kalach – its production was even controlled by the authorities once! If you want to learn more about the history of the popular tasty Russian food, then you should definitely visit the “Kalachnaya”. The main object of the museum’s displays is to recreate the process of baking rolls according to old manuals. It features the complete cycle – from the preparation of hop sourdough, “flour mixture”, kneading and cutting of dough on an ice table, to baking and eating the piping hot rolls following special rules, starting with the “fried edges” and ending with the warm “soft center”. Your children will have a ball and will definitely remember the kalach they taste here.
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Kulikovo Field, Tula Region
What is the best way to tell children about the battle of Kulikovo? Through a game, of course! The Kulikovo Field Museum hosts entertaining quizzes where adults and children learn the story and what it looks like. It’s a kind of quest game, where old chests beckon you to look into them, and each one contains a new game. Children will have to decipher the predictions of Sergius of Radonezh, put together a puzzle dedicated to the deeds of Dmitry Donskoy, find out what is harder: a guage or a valve; and, for the most persistent and friendly children, the museum will open its main secret – a cache of treasure. You can also climb on a wooden horse in the children’s room, look into a monk’s cell, or play with huge cubes that make up a colorful miniature.
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The “Golden Ring” Model Show
2/23a, Sovetsky per., Yaroslavl
One of the main tourist destinations in Russia to this day remains the route along the “Golden ring”. In one of the cities of this route – Yaroslavl – is a model museum of the main attractions of Russia’s Golden Ring. In one space, you can find all the most recognizable sights from the cities of the Golden Ring and the way of Russian life collected in miniature. In Ivanovo, as it should be, brides in white dresses run through the streets, and excursions are held in the Rostov Kremlin. In Yaroslavl, fans crowd around the Arena 2000, while in Kostroma it is winter, and there you can ski and snowboard on the mountain trails. All this is naturally set against the backdrop of recognizable architectural beauty and the domes of snow-white churches.
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Father Frost House
Father Forst Estate, Veliky Ustyug, Vologda Region
One of the main holidays in Russia is the New Year, and one of its most recognizable symbols is Father Frost. He is a Russian Santa Claus who wears a bright winter coat and gives children presents. But unlike his Finnish brother, he does not live in Lapland, but in Veliky Ustyug. Every kid simply has to visit him, especially in winter, so that they believe in fairy tales again. The house of Father Frost is big, magic, hospitable, and cozy. The hospitable host welcomes his guests here all year round, and the winter wizard's assistants will introduce you to all twelve rooms of the carved tower and tell you about the life of Father Frost. The territory of the complex is very diverse. There is a fairy tale trail, a blacksmith shop and post office, a winter garden, a rope park, and of course, a restaurant.
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The Tower of Snow Maiden
38, Lagernaya ul., Kostroma
In Russian folklore, an close companion of Father Frost is the Snow Maiden – his granddaughter. However, she lives not in Veliky Ustyug, but in Kostroma. It is there, on the bank of the Volga River, that the log tower of this beautiful princess is located. She doesn’t live here alone, but with her assistants – house spirits and the cat Bayun. Father Frost himself visits his beloved granddaughter every year and brings gifts. But before the arrival of her grandfather, she doesn’t just sit around getting bored, she meets guests. The doors of the tower are open at any time of the year, and the assistants will regale guests with ancient legends, put on a puppet show, and hold competitions and excursions. You won’t have a chance to get bored!
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